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I’m going to try keep this nice and concise. I’m announcing myself up for delegation should anyone wish to vote in line with my general philosophy constricted by a few rules. Below I’ve written down my general philosophy for different types of proposals, should you agree with my thinking feel free to delegate me your votes.


  • When it comes to Whitelisting the general rule of thumb is to vote FOR unless there is an attached Co-Investment in which case I will default to the automaton’s decision. The only reason for a NO Vote will be that the protocol poses a security risk or the proposal itself is lackluster and deprived of effort.


  • Co-Investments increases without a WL attached will be looked at from a Liquidity to Volume Perspective unless there are extrenous circumstances like cross project collaborations. A liquidity to volume ratio higher than 6:1 Will be a Yes.
  • Additionally as a general rule of thumb I will vote to beat the competition’s liquidity depth on pairs that have a decent/sufficient amount of trading volume. We should try to have the deepest pools on every pair, that is how we beat the competition.
  • Exception : For Projects that have no large sized DEX pools but are in the top 100 Large co-investments will be looked at differently as there is opportunity for this volume to increase as people move away from centralized exchanges.
  • New Projects looking to Make Bancor their Liquidity Home will also be given special treatment.

Liquidity Mining

  • I will only Vote on LM When the pool has clearly deemed itself worthy. That is to say the pool should already be seeing a large amount of volume as-well as active engagement from their teams/community.
  • The LM Should not award a substantial amount more in terms of APY than the pair’s native returns. That is to say We should not have 50-60% LM APYs on pairs that generate single digit returns in fees.
  • Exception : Pools that are excluded from this logic are our large caps ETH, WBTC, LINK and Stables until the launch of Shadow Pools.

BIPs And Protocol Changes

  • Will Vote in Line with the Team/Automaton unless there are extraneous circumstances in which case reasoning will be given prior to voting to give time for undelegation should anyone wish to vote differently.

So happy to see you nominate yourself!

Anyone reading this thread should take note that @tenzent is the 3rd most active DAO member on Discourse. @tenzent has demonstrated a sincere commitment to DAO process, not just through participating in discussions but also creating and publishing a plethora of proposals, many of which have already been through the Snapshot gauntlet. @tenzent’s aptitude for governance is without question in my mind, and I have full confidence that delegation will be properly managed.

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