NOTICE: Bancor DAO has been sued


Bancor DAO has been named as a Defendant in a civil lawsuit pending in the federal District Court for the Western District of Texas, Basic v. Protocol, No. 23-cv-00533 (W.D.Tx.). This post constitutes court-approved alternative service of the Summons issued to Bancor DAO and the Amended Complaint in that action. Copies of those documents, along with the Court’s order approving this alternative method of service on Bancor DAO, are available for review and download at:

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isnt this news like a year old already? lol

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Kinda old news, but I think the case moved on with some documents dating Oct/Nov 24.

Judging from the teams silence and lack of action lately they are concerned about this lawsuit.

I don’t think it’s nessecarilly bad tho. If we as a community with pleas and begs can’t convince the foundation to reimburse us, then maybe the courts can push the foundation and contributors to finally solve this situation after having us suffer for 1.5 years now.

I am not surprised there are people suing the foundation because they refuse to clear up their mistake and make good on their 100% ILP promise. It was a matter of time until this happens and I am excited to follow the development of this case, it is atleast one potential way to get my money back.


@ hoppingrinsell I would appreciate if you could keep us updated about this case. I wish you great success, let justice be served.